Lucas Santangelo K

Gerard Levano P
​Boston College 

Rick Lovato LS
​Philadelphia Eagles / ODU

Casey Barth K
​North Carolina

Derek Deoul K/P


Nick Ferrara K/P

Jared Brown K
​Old Dominion

Dan Hutchins K

Joey Roth P

Alex Carlton K

Jake Ryder P

Kevin Fennell LS
​Stony Brook

Corey Smith P
​West VA

Jon Teague K

Patrick Clarke K

Joe Fortunato LS

Frank Rago K

Rob Zarrilli K

Mike Caggiano K 

Ed Misch K

Ross Krautman K

Nick Pritchard P

Jon Plisco P
​Old Dominion

Patrick Murray​ K
Cleveland Browns

Corey Lerch LS

Chris Koepplin K
​NE Patriots / UMASS

Ryan Norton K

Jeremy Ito K

David Bonagura K

Paul Layton P
​Albany / Temple

David Teggart K

Justin Myer K
​VA Tech

Jeff Ondish P

Ryan Winslow P

Jake Smith K

Jeremy Shelley K

Kyle Facibene K

Michael Cintron P

Brendon Gibbons K

Joe DeLeone LS
​​Rhode Island 

Sean Tobin LS
​GA Tech 

Chris Gulla P​
Penn State

Bryan Rafano P

Jake Harry P

Colin Wagner K
​Penn State 

Jim Cooper K

Brandon McManus K
​Denver Broncos

STS has trained hundreds of players at the youth, high school and college level including many all-conference, all-state and all-American performers.  STS Alumni are well represented across the northeast at every level of college football and in the National Football League. Scroll below for just some of the many current and former trainees!