Frequently Asked Questions about the College Exposure Camp

1) Who can and should consider attending the STS College Exposure Camp? 

High school and junior college kickers, punters and snappers of all skill levels may attend.  Advanced 8th graders with at least one year of experience may also attend.  Any specialist who is even thinking about playing college football should strongly consider participating.  The earlier you attend, the more comfortable you will become performing under pressure and the sooner you will be on a path to the next level.  For seniors, it is the last opportunity to compete with the region’s top specialists and get your name in front of college coaches and recruiting services such as  For underclassmen, the camp is an opportunity to get on college football recruiting boards early and understand what you need to do to reach your short and long term personal, academic and football goals.  For all specialists, it is a chance to prove yourself on a big stage and be considered for the STS prospect list which have become a staple for college football recruiting coordinators in this region of the country.    

2) What happens on the field at the STS College Exposure Camp? 

Kickers, punters and snappers will get professional instruction from a staff of former Division I northeast specialists who have been through the recruiting process and have performed at the highest level of college football.  Kickers and punters will rotate through a field goal, kickoff and punting station where they will learn fundamentals, execute muscle memory drills and get an individualized film review of their mechanics.  Snappers will work separately to learn short and long snapping fundamentals, partake in skill building drills and receive a customized technique assessment on film.  Specialists will be charted for each skill including field goals, kickoffs and punts for kickers/punters and long and short snapping for snappers.  The top performers from each group will then compete head to head before the entire camp until a champion is crowned for each skill.  Every participant is guaranteed high quality personalized instruction in a well-organized, fun and competitive atmosphere.  You will walk away a better kicker, punter or snapper! 

3) What else is part of the STS College Exposure Camp experience?    

All campers will have the opportunity to participate in an optional pre-camp activity to reflect on where they are and where they want to be in the next one, three or five years.  The purpose of the activity is to create an action plan by thinking through your strengths and areas in need of growth as related to your short and long term goals.  After a brief camp welcome, participants and their parents will partake in a college football recruiting seminar specifically geared toward northeast specialists.  Those in attendance will get expert advice on how to navigate the recruiting process from both an academic and athletic perspective.  Next, campers will learn the nuances of sports psychology as it relates to kickers, punters and snappers.  You will have a better idea of how to master the challenges of the mental game.          

4) Which college programs and coaches will be in attendance at the STS College Exposure Camp? 

We invite every Division II and III program in the northeast.  As they do each year, numerous programs will attend.  And although we ask coaches to RSVP, there is no way to know who will be there until the day of camp.  Unfortunately, Division IA/IAA programs are restricted from attending due to NCAA rules.  However, the Exposure Camp was established as the northeast’s premier recruiting event for specialists several years before such rules were put in place.  Rest assured, DI/IAA programs in the northeast knows about the event and will review the results accordingly in deciding who to offer a scholarship and/or a recruited walk on spot.  STS is also very pro-active in promoting the top performers to coaches across all divisions.  We will work tirelessly for specialists to find an opportunity at the next level!  

5) Why should I attend the STS College Exposure Camp and not another “showcase” camp? 

Here is what we learned many years ago and that you need to know as an aspiring college specialist in the northeast.  The big time college programs outside the northeast rarely recruit specialists from this region.  Further, the major kicking camps do not put much stock into specialists residing between Washington D.C., Boston and Pittsburgh.  By all means, they will welcome you at their camps with the “chance” that you will be the next prospect to earn a scholarship at a power five school while making big claims about national exposure and NFL alumni.  But do they invest in the time to cultivate the relationships with the many DIAA/DII/DIII programs where specialists from the northeast are likely to land?  Do your research and you will find out the answer is a resounding no.  They cater to the select few national recruits who will sign with the likes of Alabama, Texas or Southern California.  Our specialty, however, is working with schools in the northeast to find a match and make referrals for our top performing kickers, punters and snappers.  Make no mistake, unlike other camps, if you have the grades and the talent, we will not rest until you have secured an opportunity at the next level!

If you are an aspiring college specialist in the northeast, there is no other event that will provide a better platform for your talent than the STS College Exposure Camp held annually.  This event draws the top prospects and coaches from DI, DII and DIII college programs across the northeast and beyond.  The camp features professional kicking, punting and snapping instruction, film analysis, a college/pro player demo and charting/competition to see where you stand against the best from the northeast!  Since 2003, over 300 specialists have been referred and placed at many of the nation’s top colleges including Rutgers, UConn, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, West Virginia, Penn State, Boston College, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, East Carolina, NC State, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Alabama, Ole Miss, Arizona State, Florida International, Michigan, Central Michigan, Ball State, Temple, Ohio, Akron, Buffalo, Army, Navy, UMass, Richmond, Maine, Delaware, New Hampshire, William & Mary, Rhode Island, Towson, Old Dominion, Villanova, Princeton, UPenn, Brown, Yale, Fordham, Bucknell, Georgetown, Colgate, Johns Hopkins, Lehigh, Holy Cross, Lafayette, Monmouth, Bryant, Central Connecticut

18th Annual Event - November 14, 2021 - Waldwick, NJ
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17th Annual Event - October 25, 2020 - Hillsborough, NJ
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16th Annual Event - December 14, 2019 - Lawrence, NJ

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15th Annual Event - December 8, 2018 - Lawrence, NJ

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14th Annual Event - December 16, 2017 - Lawrence, NJ
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13th Annual Event - December 17, 2016 - Waldwick, NJ

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12th Annual Event - December 12, 2015 - Waldwick, NJ
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11th Annual Event - December 13, 2014 - Waldwick, NJ

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