STS snappers Jack Hadley West VA (NJ, 2018) / Matt Aloni Penn State (NY, 2018), ​
​punter Koby Kiefer Cornell (WV, 2018) and kicker David Gelb Maine (NJ, 2018).  

The STS Prospect list consists of top high school, prep and junior college specialist from across the northeast, represent the professional opinion of our staff including STS associates 5 Star Kicking, Cahill Kicking, Cannon Kicking and Koepplin Kicking from camps, training and events held throughout the year.  STS considers a prospect's technique, leg strength/snap speed, poise (ability to perform under pressure), size, athleticism, character and potential at the next level.   While our prospect list is subjective, camp charting and competition performance weigh heavily in our assessments.  Since 2003, we have trained and evaluated thousands of specialists with hundreds of our prospects moving on to the college level.  STS is a valued, reputable resource and the authority on specialists for DI, DII and DIII college programs in the northeast.  Recruiting coordinators and special teams coaches annually draw from our prospect list to help fulfill their kicking, punting and snapping needs.  College coaches wishing to receive prospect information should contact us at or 732-406-6409.  This list is subject to change per camp performance and is updated periodically following our summer and fall camps.  


STS kicker Paul Inzerillo Marlyand (NY, 2017), punter Christian Ireland Rowan (NJ, 2017) and snapper Billy Taylor Rutgers (NJ, 2017).