Congratulations to the 2016 Northeast STS Kicker Paul Inzerillo (NY, 2017),
​Punter Christian Ireland (NJ, 2017) and Snapper Billy Taylor (NJ, 2017) of the Year!


The Northeast K/P/LS of the Year award is based upon a specialists fall season performance, statistics and game film.  Specialists residing in NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD, VA, CT, NH, RI and MA are eligible.  Additionally, you must have been seen live in a game, training session or camp by a Special Teams Solutions staff member.  Voting committee consists of former DI and pro specialists including all STS coaches and associates including 5 Star Kicking, Cahill Kicking, Cannon Kicking and Koepplin Kicking.

Congratulations to the 2017 Northeast STS Snappers Jack Hadley (NJ, 2018) / Matt Aloni (NY, 2018), ​Punter Koby Kiefer (WV, 2018) and Kicker David Gelber (NJ, 2018) of the Year!

ALSO RECEIVING VOTES: Michael Aresco K/P CT 2018, Clark Bittner K/P PA 2018, Calogro Caruso K/L NJ 2018, Moses Celeya K/P NH 2018, Brian Cocciolillo LS NJ 2019, Brian Cooey K/P NJ 2019, Antonio Deleso LS NJ 2018, Jack DeMatteo K/P NJ 2019, Elijah Hoffman K/P PA 2018, Max Heinrich K/P NY 2018, David Kasper K/P PA 2019, Anthony Littlewood K/P PA 2018, Jake Maggio LS NJ 2019, Nate Maransky K/P 2018, Jeremy Miller K/P NY 2018, Clay Olley K/P NJ 2018, Brian Puccio K/P NJ 2018, Mario Reed K/P NJ JUCO, Gavin Toth K/P NJ 2019, Steven Spirakis K/P NY 2018.  

21.  Adam Guillemette LS CT 2019

22.  Ryan Packard K/P NY 2019

23.  Jake Horoshko LS PA 2018

24.  Jake Cuomo K/P NY 2018

25.  Evan Davis LS NJ 2019

25.  Bryce Eimer LS NJ 2020

25.  Matt Gannon LS NJ 2018

25.  AJ Hopper K/P NY 2019

25.  Aiden Mulreed K/P NJ 2018

25.  Stephen Mulville K/P NJ 2019

11.  ​​Zach Sterr K/P NJ 2018

12.  Austin Mosier LS NJ 2019

13.  Perry Shelbred K/P NY 2018

14.  Matthew Hunkele K/P NJ 2018

15.  Anthony Pecorella K/P NY 2019

16.  Danny Kay K/P NJ 2019

17.  Henry Westermann K/P NJ 2019

18.  Shane Black K/P NJ 2018

19.  Aaron Zaccone LS NJ 2018   

20.  Brandon Peskin K/P NY 2020

1.   Jack Hadley LS NJ 2018 

2.   Massimo Biscardi K/P PA 2018​   

3.   David Gelb K/P NJ 2018

4.   Jon Sot K/P NJ 2018 

5.   Matt Aloni LS NY 2018

6.   Koby Kiefer K/P WV 2018   

7.   Michael Vojvodich LS VA 2018

​8.   Nate Fondacaro K/P NJ 2018

9.   David Broncati K/P CT 2018

10. Jared Calhoun K/P NY JUCO

The STS "Top 25" rankings, consisting of 25 high school, prep or junior college specialist prospects from across the northeast, represent the professional opinion of our staff including STS associates 5 Star Kicking, Cahill Kicking, Cannon Kicking and Koepplin Kicking from camps, training and events held throughout the year.  STS considers a prospect's technique, leg strength/snap speed, poise (ability to perform under pressure), size, athleticism, character and potential at the next level.   While our rankings are subjective, camp charting and competition performance weigh heavily in our assessments.  Since 2003, we have trained and evaluated thousands of specialists with hundreds of our prospects moving on to the college level.  STS is a valued, reputable resource and the authority on specialists for DI, DII and DIII college programs in the northeast.  Recruiting coordinators and special teams coaches annually draw from our prospect list to help fulfill their kicking, punting and snapping needs.  College coaches wishing to receive additional prospect information should contact us at or 732-406-6409.  Rankings are subject to change per camp performance and are updated twice a year following our summer and fall camps.